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Pilates Vacay

June 26, 2012


Last week, I jumped ship. I hightailed it out of the offensive South Carolina heat for a week at my family’s beach house. Usually, when I travel, I immediately seek out a Pilates studio to keep up with my routine. I add extra workouts into my schedule to combat all the indulging that often accompanies vacation. I literally keep exercise DVDs in my car, just in case.

But this week was different. With only 6 days to catch up with over 30 relatives, I just couldn’t spare the time. And I didn’t feel like exercising, I felt like relaxing and having fun. So I ate fresh lobster, finished two books and introduced my grandmother to Sweet Tea Vodka. Yes, there may have been a few long walks, a tennis match or two and at least one sweat-inducing dance party, but those were balanced out with fish tacos, lazy days in the sand and happy hours on the front porch.

And you know what happened? Nothing. The world did not stop turning. My weight did not change. My muscles remain intact. My clothes still fit. Yes, my Monday morning workout was more difficult than usual, but it was a burn that I craved: my body couldn’t wait to lie down on that reformer and work up a sweat..